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Polk Athletics

Polk Sports SY 2022-2023

Fall Sports

Volleyball 8/22/2022

Boys Basketball 10/11/2022

Spring Sports

Girls Basketball  1/5/2022

Track and Field  3/1/2022

Soccer After School Club  TBD

Boys & Girls Track & Field 2/27/2022



 APS Athletic Department middle school programs are voluntary, after-school programs. Students are required to meet the following requirements in order to participate in accordance with established APS and New Mexico Activities Association requirements:


Physical Form

Coaches are not permitted to allow a student to practice, play, or otherwise participate in the sport or activity until a completed APS Physical Form clearing a student to participate has been submitted to the coach and approved by the school athletic director.

Note: Non-APS Physical Forms will no longer be accepted. 


Grade Check

  1. Students must have a 2.0-grade point average with no failing grades from the previous grading period in order to be allowed to participate (APS, NMAA, and State Law). The cumulative GPA option does not apply to middle schools.
  2. Schools must determine academic eligibility and ineligibility at 8:00 am on the seventh school day from the last day of the grading period.
  3. Students and parents must complete ALL pages of the APS Physical Form and turn it in prior to practice and/or tryouts.
  4. Students must have proof of medical insurance (school insurance, HMO, Medicaid) completed on the APS Physical Form in order to participate (APS and NMAA rule).
  5. A medical doctor or nurse practitioner must examine the student prior to practice and competition to verify the student is cleared to physically participate (APS, NMAA, and State Law).
  6. Parents and students must accept the "risk of injury" that is inherent with sports participation by signing the appropriate space on the student physical form.
  7. Included in the APS Physical Form is the NMAA Concussion in Sports: A Fact Sheet for Athletes and Parents handout. The parent and student are required to sign the acknowledgment form (included in the APS Physical Form) to verify documentation has been received and reviewed by both the parent and the student.

Concussion for Students Course Certificate

Concussion for Students Course:

STEP 1 - Concussion For Students website

STEP 2 - Choose “New Mexico” on the “Select Your State” pulldown menu and click “Order Course”

STEP 3 - Click on “Register” to create an account (use student’s name when registering - this is the name that will print on the certificate)

STEP 4 - Click “Checkout” to complete your order (the course is free)

STEP 5 - Complete the course and print the completion certificate and bring to tryouts

This course must be completed annually.





Athletic Director

Annette Erivez

Phone: (505) 877-6444 ext. 51131