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The Counseling Program is focused on helping all students achieve success in their academic work, social development and personal growth. We believe that every student has potential and within a safe, supportive school environment, can be empowered to make good choices and be a positive & productive member of the community.

The Counseling Program

Our Counseling Program offers prevention projects and interventions that helps to guide students on a healthy path toward adulthood. Through our Advisory period, held every day for the first 25 minutes, students receive guidance lessons that support academic and social skills. Students may talk with the counselor to discuss any academic, personal, emotional, or social issues by coming to the Student Support Center and signing in to make an appointment.

8th Grade Career Interest Inventory Project

Students, please use the following links to complete your career interest survey during Social Studies class

on Wednesday, April 19 or Thursday, April 20, 2017:


Step 1:



SPANISH: https://www.miproximopaso.org/explore/ip


Step 2:

Complete the worksheet with your scores (teacher will pass out to you)


Step 3:

Fill in the info from your worksheet in this survey:



Don’t forget to click SUBMIT at the bottom of the survey!


Step 4:

Turn in the worksheet to your teacher

Empathy for others makes all the difference!


2016-17 Advisory Themes for Mondays by month

September – Organization, time management, soft skills builder

October – Community Service

November – Culture

December – Compassion & Empathy

January – New Year, next steps for success

February – Financial Literacy, Career Exploration

March – Preparation for PARCC

April – High School/College Prep

How to reach the Counselor

If you have the questions or concerns for the counselor:

please email: tay.macintyre@aps.edu or call: 505-877-6444, ext. 51106

Ms. Tay MacIntyre